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ISSTA is the licensing exam for IITTI soft skills trainers. Once a trainer is granted this license, he/she is called a 'Licensed IITTI Trainer'. Only a Licensed IITTI Trainer is permitted to do IITTI training and have his/her students in taking the IITTI exam.

Job Seekers, Business People

Get training from a Licensed IITTI Trainer so that you are allowed to sit for the international IITTI exam.

Human Resources, Companies

A pool of Licensed IITTI Trainers allows you to select trainers that conform to the international IITTI standard for your company training needs.


Only a Licensed IITTI Trainer is allowed to have your students sit for the international IITTI soft skills certification exam.
Licensing Structure


What experiences do IITTI people bring to ISSTA.

Hong Kong

Train-the-Trainer: image consultants writing the IITTI test


Corporate training: at EYI Consultancy for MegaWorld Property Developer


Corporate training: at GVC Training School


Train-the-Trainer: image consultants writing the IITTI test


Corporate training: at C&E Training School


Corporate training: at JLB Image Consulting School


The history of soft skills training.

  • 2011-2014

    Forming IITTI

    An international group of soft skills trainers wrote the world's first standard in business etiquette.

  • 2015

    AICI Formed Strategic Partnership with IITTI

    This small IITTI group started to tell other trainers about the IITTI Standard. AICI, the largest image consultant association with members in over 40 countries, formed a strategic partnership with IITTI. AICI certifies trainers, IITTI certifies job-seekers, tourists, youths.

  • 2017

    Zero To 15 Countries In 3 Years

    Soft skills trainers around the world started using IITTI Exam for their students. Reason? Before IITTI, there was no international certification for the job-seekers, tourists, youths.

  • 2018

    Licensing Of Trainers

    A new group called ISSTA was formed to begin towards a higher professional standard for trainers by establishing an accreditation process where only licensed trainers can teach the IITTI program and send their students to the IITTI exam.

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Our Team

Meet the experts behind ISSTA

Lilian Bustamante

Master IITTI Instructor
Board of Advisors

May Chan

Master IITTI Instructor
Board of Advisors

Carolina Tan

Master IITTI Instructor
Board of Advisors

Patrick Chun

IITTI Co-Founder

ISSTA is built by experts in the field who see there is a need to have a standard in quality control of IITTI soft skills trainers to protect consumers.

For a complete list of trainers, go to: List of trainers

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