Licensing Structure


May 5, 2018

For all trainers who had passed the IITTI Business Level 1 exam before 2018, you are given a "provisional license" to practice as an IITTI trainer, and your students will be given the permission to sit for the IITTI exam.

Effective immediately, all trainer licensing are to be under this organization called the 'International Soft Skills Trainer Accreditation', or ISSTA, of Canada. (

This provisional license allows you to be called a "Licensed IITTI Trainer" and will be listed on this ISSTA website.

What this means is that you can freely set up your IITTI training program and market it to the public to recruit and train students, and to prepare them for an IITTI exam.

As a provisional licensee, you have 18 months to fulfill the requirements to be a fully-licensed trainer. That is, till Oct 5, 2019.

Please note that this is a "grandfather" clause, just for trainers who passed the IITTI exam before 2018. For trainers who passed in 2018 and beyond, you need to fulfill all the requirements before you can be called a "Licensed IITTI Trainer".

July 16, 2021

Starting 2018, all trainers who want to send students to sit for any of the IITTI exams in Greater China (mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) need to be licensed by ISSTA.

Starting 2019, this is extended to the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.

Authorization as IITTI trainer

  • completed AICI certified member, or equivalent

  • passed IITTI Business Level 1 Exam

  • completed ISSTA Train-the-Trainer (TTT) program

  • committed to ISSTA Trainer Continuing Education (TCE) program

Authorization as IITTI instructor

  • prerequisite: authorized IITTI trainer

  • more than 10 years of relevant professional experiences in HR, PR, image, education, modeling, marketing, and/or sales

  • track record of 80% passing rate, ie 8 out of 10 students passed IITTI exam, other innovative contribution or leadership role

IITTI Master instructor

Master instructors are responsible for specifying the core curriculum for the Train-the-Trainer (TTT) program.

By appointment only.


What would the train-the-trainer (TTT) be like?

TTT is done via approximately 40 hours of offline or online asynchronous and synchronous training, depending on the trainee's qualification and previous professional experience. All classroom training will be conducted by authorized IITTI instructors or master instructors. At the end of the TTT program, each student needs to pass an independent ISSTA exam.

How to become licensed IITTI trainers?

Image consultants are invited to select whoever they find most suitable among the Licensed Instructors or designated Licensed Master Instructors to train them.

What am I allowed to say regarding my IITTI title and my training program?

"Our training program is approved by IITTI." No
"Our training program is provided by IITTI." No
"Our training program is endorsed by IITTI." No
"We are exclusive with IITTI." No
"We formed a strategic alliance/partnership with IITTI." No
"Our program/book is authorized by IITTI." No

"Our training program conforms to IITTI Standard." OK
"We follow the IITTI Standard." OK
"We are authorized to offer an IITTI program" OK