Executive Director

Mimi Chan  
Mimi started her career as an international supermodel and actress in commercials, television, and film. After immigrating to Vancouver, Canada, she became passionate about production work behind the scenes and frequently participates in large-scale performances and community events.

She is actively engaged in philanthropy through the World Vision organization, caring for the reconstruction from natural disasters both domestically and internationally, as well as poverty alleviation. This ties in to her role as the president of the Vancouver Film and Television Artists Association, actively participating in local charity performances and fundraising.

She established the Canada-Hong Kong Music Education Foundation, which provides annual support to economically disadvantaged, highly talented music students from Hong Kong to further their studies in Canada and then returning to Hong Kong to contribute in the arts and music field.

She has served as the president of the Canada Chinese Consumer Association, providing accurate consumer information, bridging the gap between businesses and consumers, and voicing opinions to the government to influence decision-making.

She has previously operated her own talent management company for actors and models in Canada, focusing on public relations, advertising, film and television production, and the modeling industry.

She has hosted TV and radio programs on food and image consulting, and served as an image consultant and a columnist for various women's magazines, including Sing Tao Daily's column "Women's Weekly," Chao Wen Magazine's columns "Elegant Speech" and "Taste of Dining," as well as columns on consumer rights, and "Song He Tian Di." On top of that, Mimi has also served as vocal coach and image advisor for the Vancouver Singing Contest, Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant, Covergirl and various model contests.

In Mimi's long career, she has also served as the dean of the Canadian Academy of Performing Arts, nurturing talented students who have gained a reputation on North American, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and international stages, with students including well-known singers and actors such as Eric Ng, Linda Chung, Mandy Lieu, Karena Ng, Kandy Wong, Carlos Chan, Benjamin Yuen, and Priscilla Tang.

In addition to teaching and training in the performing arts, image and etiquette, and modeling industry, Mimi helped found a management college in beauty, aromatherapy, makeup, hairstyling, and nails, ensuring that every student achieves success by continuously create the employment opportunities in various industries.